HFOSS Quiz 2

Main Quiz:
  1. When does a work become "copyrighted" by an Author?
    • "The moment you save code to a file"
  2. Without copyright, there could be no copyleft. What are the copyrights that an author has when they create a work, according to the US Copyright office?
    • "Legal rules prohibit non-copyright holders from copying, modifying or distributing copyrighted works without permission from the copyright holder."
  3. Free/Open Source Licenses fall onto a spectrum of Software Freedom. What descriptive words are at either end?
    • Copyleft to permissive
  4. When someone relinquishes their copyrights, this is referred to as what?
    • They are either transferring their copyrights to another specific individual or releasing their code(or other copyrighted object) into the public domain for everyone to use.
  5. Below is a list of licenses. Please identify where on the spectrum each falls, and whether or not it is an OSI approved license.

    • GPLv2 - copyleft - OSI approved
    • BSD - permissive - OSI approved
    • GPLv3 - copyleft - OSI approved
    • MIT - permissive - OSI approved
    • AGPLv3+ - in the middle - OSI approved
    • Apache 2.0 - mostly permissive - OSI approved
    • LGPL - weak copyleft - OSI approved
    • WTFPL - permissive - not OSI approved

True or False: You cannot sell GPL'd software
- False, you can sell GPL'd software and are encouraged to do so as long as you release the source code.

True or False: You can fork a GPL licensed Project and release it under an MIT license?
- False, unless you get permission from all previous contributors.

True or False: You can fork a MIT licensed Project and release it under an GPL license?
- True, the MIT license is one of the most open licenses.

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